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Photography 1:             Is Available to Grades 9 - 12


This one-year course is designed to instruct students in the fundamentals of digital photography as it deals with seeing photographically, operating cameras, understanding the different genres of photography & Photo History. We will work with chemical photography. but the emphasis is in digital to learn the core principles.


This course will fulfill one Arts/Humanities credit required for high school graduation.


By the end of this course, the student should be able:

  • To research the history of photography. 

  • To recognize and explore basic camera types and the characteristics of each. 

  • To acquire a vocabulary specific to photography.

  • To develop skills and responsibility for the care and safe use of photographic equipment and materials.

  • To apply the principles of basic composition to photography. 

  • To develop the skills of pre-visualization. 

  • To understand critical evaluation criteria. 

  • To acquire skill in negative processing techniques and/or digital image processes.

  • To acquire skill in printing techniques and/or digital image scanning and printing techniques.

  • To analyze characteristics of negative, print, and/or digital image quality.  

  • To learn basic photography finishing techniques and/or digital finishing.

  • To research career opportunities in the photography industry. 



Course Outline...

1st Quarter

Introductions, Course Expectations

onLine Digital Portfolio


Lo-Fi Photo



2nd Quarter

Intro to Cameras



Mid Term Exams


3rd Quarter

Action and Art

History Continued

Digital Post Production

4th Quarter



Final Portfolios

Final Exams

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