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Photographer Spotlight

All Blog Posts should be about 500 words in length. Those posts requiring images are marked.

For this report assignment, you will select and research a photographer and his/her work. Once decided, find as much information and images the photographer has produced from the internet, there may be many books in the library you can also access. Your product will be a Blog/Article or Profile about the Photographer to share on your website.


It should consist of between 300-500 words and have 5-10 images.

Spell-Check It!!   The introduction will explain your reason for selecting this photographer. In bullets & phrases cover at least 7 of the following:


  • Full name of individual

  • Date and place of birth & indicate years of life (and if still living)

  • How influenced-by others in field of photography

  • How influenced-by circumstances in life

  • Awards, fellowships, grants, etc. (explain nature of award)

  • Typical subject matter of photographs made by this artist

  • What this artist is trying/ tried to communicate

  • Typical style of work

  • Geographic places this photographer shot

  • Significant contribution(s) to photography (or the art world)

  • What they themselves said/say about their work (quotes OK)

  • What others have said about the work


Please provide Links to your sources at the bottom of the blog.

(Electronic source: address [complete http], title, author, copyright year)


You will work on this assignment during your group’s non-darkroom days.

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